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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!


Digital Twin

Prepare your building for the future. So with maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. A digital copy of the building forms the foundation for building optimization and sustainability.

Real estate

Sustainability is important, but day-to-day management and providing a comfortable building is core business. We offer a nice balance between these two worlds. During the journey to the optimal building (read more about this under our working method), we work together to improve installations, energy consumption and comfort. With expertise, the installations are put in the twin, validated and any shortcomings resolved.

After the validation is completed, our algorithms start to predictively control the installations 24/7. The goal is the highest possible efficiency and the precondition is the comfrot requirements you set. Taking into account, among other things, future solar radiation and building characteristics, we steer towards an optimal use of cold and heat. This results in a quieter behaviour of the installations and optimum comfort. We work together with the existing installer. The Digital Twin makes the operation of the installations transparent. And our people have years of experience in installation and control technology, which we use to help achieve good building management.

The Digital Twin gets to know the building better and better. It knows exactly how the building heats, cools and how the installations behave. Do you want to go further with sustainability. For example, if you want to install or modify a heat pump, the trained data from your building's Digital Twin can perfectly show how this will work.

Insight and control over your energy and sustainability

The right insights about the status of your buildings, pathways and sustainability goals with handy dashboards.

Certainty about sustainable investments

Data-driven decisions about investments provide certainty because they are based on real and trained data from your specific building.

Increase the value of your real estate

Save directly on energy costs and CO2, which can reduce service costs and increase rental income.

Extend the life of your real estate

A more sustainable building with less CO2 emissions has a longer lifespan and therefore a higher return

What our clients say

This is exactly what I expect from a smart climate controller.

Philip Verheye

Colleagues working in the offices are convinced by the indoor climate and comfort level, on the other hand, the benefits of energy consumption become clear when making a comparison with other office buildings.

Patrick Arnold

How cool that I get to experience this technology before I retire.

André den Biggelaar

The ecoBuilding simulations showed us exactly which battery capacity type we had to use in combination with the available connection capacity.

Patrick Kennis

The pilot demonstrated substantial energy savings of as much as 35%. We are very happy about that!

Roy Dols

EcoBuilding is now running well and we are saving significantly. Thanks to VB Optimum, many optimisations have become visible that we didn't know about. Now we are steering the installation in a targeted way to optimal operation.

Erwin van Gorkom

My climate system has become much easier to understand thanks to the insights and VB Optimum knowledge.

Bram van der Smagt