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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is continuity of facilities and comfort ensured even if the internet connection fails?

Yes, definitely. Continuity and providing good comfort to users is first priority at VB Optimize. This is reflected in the system in three ways;

1. Failure of the internet connection; should the internet connection fail for an extended period, VB Optimize with its ecoBuilding technology automatically switches itself off. It then gives control and direction back to the regular Building Management System (BMS). The entire installation will then operate again as it already does in existing buildings.

2. Maintenance; in case of maintenance on the installations or in case a technician (temporarily) wants to make an adjustment manually (such as raising a heating curve), he can always manually switch off VB Optimize. The system then falls back to the existing BMS and for that moment works as it has always worked (in existing buildings). We then see from VB Optimum that this has happened, we contact the user or installer and together investigate what the reason for the manual adjustment was. In this way, together with the installer, we look for a structural solution to the problem the technician was trying to solve.

3. Installation malfunction ; in case there is a fault with one of the installations in the system, VB Optimize will automatically switch itself off. After all, we cannot optimise a faulty heat pump. The BMS then takes back control and controls the entire system conventionally. VB Optimize generates a report of this, which we will solve together with your installer. Here, too, we will look for a structural solution to the problem. The knowledge and years of experience of specialists within VB Optimum help to objectively look at the problem and find a solution. 

Are there risks involved in implementing VB Optimize with ecoBuilding?

Before VB Optimum starts optimizing and deploying ecoBuilding, two things are important to know.

For optimal cooperation between the existing building management system and the process with VB Optimum, it is a prerequisite to involve the stakeholders from the start. That is, the in-house installer, the supplier of the building management system and possibly ICT. In this way, everyone can contribute their knowledge and experience and we will get to the desired result sooner.

The system detects sub-optimal building systems and mechanical installations. These problems often lead to poor comfort levels and higher energy consumption. Solving them may require an additional investment that may also lead to energy and cost savings. VB Optimum, with its expertise of system integration, installation engineering and energy techniques, can assist in the control and implementation of this if desired.

The continuity of the climate installations is always guaranteed. For example, should the internet connection be lost or should an installer require maintenance on the installations, VB Optimize can easily be switched off.

Does the ecoBuilding work on any brand of building management system (BMS)?

Yes, definitely. The Digital Twin with the algorithms runs in the cloud. It connects to the local BMS via a cloud connector. This connection can be via BACnet, Modbus or xml. All we ask in addition is an internet connection. We have already connected ecoBuilding to Siemens, BRControls, Johnson Controls, Honeywell and Priva, among others.

How easy it is to install VB Optimize with ecoBuilding?

VB Optimum takes the entire implementation process off your hands. We always work in three steps. It starts with a pre-scan, then we validate the installations and then we implement and test the controls. How simple this is depends very much on your building. After a pre-scan, a plan of action follows in which we specify this exactly. An important point is that during validation, we check the installation and any errors are detected. This is an enormous added value that comes to the fore during implementation.

What about data security and warranties?

The proven software ecoBuilding is ISO 27001 certified and has passed the necessary pen tests to this end. The system uses Microsoft Azure with data stored on servers within Europe. At supplier Priva, security is an important pillar. Based on a strategic company policy, this theme has been elaborated in various well-secured activities. In addition, white papers are available explaining exactly how the data connection is established, how the cloud connector works and how your IT department can fully secure it. 

What are my savings with VB Optimum and ecoBuilding?

You will start saving in three areas: on energy efficiency, on an optimised heating and cooling system and better comfort (and therefore happier, more satisfied staff). This ensures that the business case is usually very compelling. Looking specifically at energy savings, an average saving of 15% to 30% can be expected for cooling and heating. Savings can also be expected in the installation phase. In this phase, we see the hidden mechanical problems that often go unnoticed, such as water or air balances or faulty equipment. Identifying these problems at an early stage and taking action on them will enable the system to function optimally with VB Optimum.

What is VB Optimize and what is ecoBuilding?

ecoBuilding is a platform with algorithms that independently makes decisions to optimize building installations. It works from a Digital Twin with any brand of building management system. Historical and real-time data on plant behavior, energy tariffs and weather reports are combined and analyzed. It was developed by an innovation department within Priva. VB Optimum is the partner to roll it out on a large scale. Together with Priva, we are working on its further development. With 'VB Optimize', we integrate the algorithms into buildings, building management systems and dashboards. A total solution in which we save energy and relieve customers and we ensure the successful application of the Digital Twin and advanced algorithms.

VB Optimum and ecoBuilding. What is the difference?

 VB Optimum is a specialist in implementing ecoBuilding. EcoBuilding is a platform developed by an innovation department within Priva. Software that creates a Digital Twin and then controls energy and climate systems based on optimal predictions. VB Optimum is a specialist in connecting this technology. We understand the workings of ecoBuilding like no other and we have enormous knowledge of installation and control technology. We connect the intelligent models of ecoBuilding to the buildings, we provide an interface and we are the face for the customer. We call this 'VB Optimize' in which we unburden the client.

VB Optimum works together with partners as much as possible in order to achieve successful projects, share our knowledge and make it available to the market. Our ambition is to make the world more sustainable and optimize building installations with smart technology and knowledge. This is only possible within an ecosystem of partners who share the same passion and have the qualities to make it happen.

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a digital copy of the building with its climate control systems and the entire physical building with floors, walls, facades, etc. In this virtual building we get to know the functioning of the installation technology in its specific building. It therefore forms the basis for optimizing building performance. And to prepare the building for the future.

What our clients say

This is exactly what I expect from a smart climate controller.

Philip Verheye

Colleagues working in the offices are convinced by the indoor climate and comfort level, on the other hand, the benefits of energy consumption become clear when making a comparison with other office buildings.

Patrick Arnold

How cool that I get to experience this technology before I retire.

André den Biggelaar

The ecoBuilding simulations showed us exactly which battery capacity type we had to use in combination with the available connection capacity.

Patrick Kennis

The pilot demonstrated substantial energy savings of as much as 35%. We are very happy about that!

Roy Dols

EcoBuilding is now running well and we are saving significantly. Thanks to VB Optimum, many optimisations have become visible that we didn't know about. Now we are steering the installation in a targeted way to optimal operation.

Erwin van Gorkom

My climate system has become much easier to understand thanks to the insights and VB Optimum knowledge.

Bram van der Smagt