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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!


VBoptimize, powered by ecoBuilding

We are specialists in the field of Smart Energy steering. We map out the entire installation, connect VBoptimize to your building and ensure that it is predictive, self-learning and achieves optimal operation.

Professional, thoughtful and with a personal service.

About ecoBuilding

ecoBuilding is a platform with algorithms that independently makes decisions to optimize building installations. It works from a Digital Twin with any brand of building management system. Historical and real-time data on building behavior, energy tariffs and weather reports are combined and analyzed. It was developed by Priva. VBoptimum is the partner to roll it out on a large scale. Together with Priva, we are working on its further development. Within 'VBoptimize', we integrate the algorithms into buildings, building management systems and dashboards. A total solution in which we save energy and unburden customers.


Grip and control over energy consumption, costs, sustainability or ESG goals. With VBinsights we collect data and convert it into clear reports and dashboards. The aim is to gain insight into the current state of affairs, to be able to make plans for improvements and to monitor them. With VBinsights, building pathways become insightful for ESG, energy flows are linked live, and roadmaps to Paris Proof can be developed and tracked. For multisites and property portfolio managers, this is the first step and foundation of meeting sustainability goals.


Whereas VBinsights is mainly about monitoring energy flows, VBvalidation involves creating a complete digital copy of the building 'Digital Twin'. The entire HVAC system and the building is copied into the cloud and connected to the climate systems. This clearly goes a step further and deeper by validating the systems, the hydraulic balance in the system with the heating and cooling. An important step because experience shows that about 70% of buildings have problems in the climate systems. With VBvalidation and with the knowledge of our people this is checked and validated.

VBoptimize, 24/7 predictive energy steering

 24/7 automatic optimization. After the building has been hydraulically checked during validation, we start optimizing here. Algorithms predict the most optimal use of energy to condition the building. Factors such as future solar radiation, temperature, availability of renewable energy and building use are taken into account to arrive at the optimum. With savings of 15 to 30% on average, optimum deployment of the installations and thus the best possible comfort.


The Digital Twin is trained on your building and therefore perfectly used as an information source for making sustainable investment decisions. Through accurate simulations, choices such as heat pumps, insulation, air treatment can be simulated during different reference days throughout the year. You can see exactly how for example a heat pump will work in your specific building. What capacity is needed and how the comfort will be throughout the day. This creates certainty about investment choices, feasibility and the effects on the life of the building.

Main advantages

Payback time of the investment less than 5 years

The energy savings are often so great that investments easily pay for themselves within five years on energy alone. Advantages such as improved comfort, control of renewable energy and performance of installations are also added.

Proven technology, a safe investment

The core technology was developed by Priva Lab for Innovation and has proven itself in more and more buildings in the Netherlands and abroad. We go for security, satisfied customers and long-term relationships.

Savings average 15 - 30%

 VB Optimum zorgt er eerst voor dat je installaties naar behoren functioneren. En op basis van voorspellende algoritmes wordt het meest optimale bereikt. Gemiddeld besparen we 15-30% op energie- en CO2.

Prevent complaints

Preventing complaints from building users? VB Optimizer plans 24 hours ahead and ensures optimal indoor climate with often fewer complaints.

Make data-driven decisions

Make investment decisions based on data from your own building and invest in sustainable measures with more certainty.

Improve building comfort

Our algorithms look to the future and steer 24/7 towards the best possible indoor climate. This ensures satisfied users and therefore often better human performance.

What our clients say

This is exactly what I expect from a smart climate controller.

Philip Verheye

Colleagues working in the offices are convinced by the indoor climate and comfort level, on the other hand, the benefits of energy consumption become clear when making a comparison with other office buildings.

Patrick Arnold

How cool that I get to experience this technology before I retire.

André den Biggelaar

The ecoBuilding simulations showed us exactly which battery capacity type we had to use in combination with the available connection capacity.

Patrick Kennis

The pilot demonstrated substantial energy savings of as much as 35%. We are very happy about that!

Roy Dols

EcoBuilding is now running well and we are saving significantly. Thanks to VB Optimum, many optimisations have become visible that we didn't know about. Now we are steering the installation in a targeted way to optimal operation.

Erwin van Gorkom

My climate system has become much easier to understand thanks to the insights and VB Optimum knowledge.

Bram van der Smagt

Our services

Our years of experience have led to a well thought-out approach. We start with a quick scan (is the building suitable for smart controls), do an extensive validation of the existing installation and ultimately provide smart predictive control. Below you will find an overview of the different services. From quick scan to smart predictive controls.



Insight & Reporting

€ 40,- per month


Validate & save

€ 0,01 per m2 / month*


24/7 optimisation

€ 0,075 per m2 / month*


Smart choices

Energy portal with dashboards and reporting    
Compliance with EMS legislation (GA1)    
ESG and CRREM monitoring Optional    
Insight in your energy saving roadmap Optional    
WKO Performance monitoring Optional    
SUN PV Performance monitoring Optional    
Digital Twin connected to your building    
Detailed insights in your energy and installation performance    
Control of water- and air-side installation    
Reporting and advice with improvement proposals    
24/7 automatic optimisation with optimal comfort    
Averages savings of 15-25% on energy and CO2 emissions    
Optimal deployment of renewable energy, dynamics tariffs and/or grid congestion   Optional  
Active monitoring of installations and BMS settings   Optional  
Detailed and spot on simulations of energy measures based on live Digital Twin data    
Renovation consultancy with Digital Twin data    

* Price indication for buildings of 10,000 m2 GLA

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