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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!

We are specialists in installation technology and energy saving

We support our clients in making buildings more sustainable and optimizing climate control systems. We believe in the power of a digital twin as the basis for a future-proof building.

Our key benefits

Energy saving and CO2 reduction

ecoBuilding realizes CO 2 reduction and energy savings. Savings possible up to 40%

Smart climate control

 24/7 automatic, accurate, data-driven climate control. Predicts up to 24 hours in advance

Comfortable indoor climate

 Continuously ensures a good indoor climate that is rated as comfortable by users

Payback time less than 5 years

Stories to inspire you

Office Building

24/7 Optimisation
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HvA (university building)

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Valley Amsterdam

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Hager The Netherlands

VB Validate
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NEXT Delft offices

24/7 Optimisation

Monitoring and Validation

Exact Delft

24/7 Optimisation
24/7 Optimisation. Aim is to save energy, optimize comfort and improve plant man...


24/7 Optimisation

Logistic centre + offices

Lely office + Production

24/7 Optimisation
"My climate installation has become much more understandable thanks to the VB Op...

De Kroon, Rotterdam

To achieve smart and predictive climate control, we first ensure that the existi...

Avans University Breda

24/7 Optimisation
This building of no less than 34,000 m2 and 12 air handling units has been runni...

CZ Insurance company

24/7 optimisation
CZ has four buildings in Tilburg that are connected by a footbridge over Abeelst...

COA, Office Building

24/7 Optimisation
When you look a little deeper under the bonnet of an installation, you migt come...

De Goudse

24/7 Optimisation
Saving as much as 37% energy and structurally improving the existing technical i...

Perfect starting point for your sustainability projects

How we do it

Digital copy


VBoptimum gets to the heart of the building: the climate systems. We do this by creating a Digital Twin (digital copy), containing all energy data, building properties and the performance of the climate installations. In this Digital Twin, algorithms get to know the building and its installations well. And we can check whether the installations are doing what they are supposed to do. There is a lot to be gained here, because experience shows that some 70% of building installations do not work properly.


24-7 Optimization

With a trained Digital Twin, we are taking the next step. Self-learning algorithms will predict how energy in the building can be used in the most optimal way, fully automated. It takes into account things like weather forecast, solar radiation and availability of renewable energy. This works together with the building management system and thus provides an average of 15 to 30% energy and CO2 savings, structurally!


Data driven sustainability

The Digital Twin knows the building in detail. It knows exactly how it heats and cools and how much energy it needs to do so. A unique source of knowledge that is also used for simulations, such as during renovations. For example, the step from a boiler to a heat pump, the investment in an air handling unit and/or insulating the facade. Based on your data from your building, the Digital Twin can tell you perfectly which investment will best suit your specific situation.

Digital Twin lays the foundation for a
future-proof building

Prepare your building for the future. So with maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. A digital copy of the building forms the foundation for building optimization and sustainability. VB Optimum helps

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What our clients say

This is exactly what I expect from a smart climate controller.

Philip Verheye

Colleagues working in the offices are convinced by the indoor climate and comfort level, on the other hand, the benefits of energy consumption become clear when making a comparison with other office buildings.

Patrick Arnold

How cool that I get to experience this technology before I retire.

André den Biggelaar

The ecoBuilding simulations showed us exactly which battery capacity type we had to use in combination with the available connection capacity.

Patrick Kennis

The pilot demonstrated substantial energy savings of as much as 35%. We are very happy about that!

Roy Dols

EcoBuilding is now running well and we are saving significantly. Thanks to VB Optimum, many optimisations have become visible that we didn't know about. Now we are steering the installation in a targeted way to optimal operation.

Erwin van Gorkom

My climate system has become much easier to understand thanks to the insights and VB Optimum knowledge.

Bram van der Smagt