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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!

Lely office + Production

24/7 Optimisation

"My climate installation has become much more understandable thanks to the VB Optimize insights and VB Optimum knowledge" - Bram van der Smagt, energy manager Lely

A nice compliment from Bram van der Smagt and an important value of our services. We save energy, upgrade the existing installation and improve comfort. Lely was delivered as a project in the summer of '22. The first savings are already visible, comfort has been good in summer and the customer experiences the benefits of our services.

Nice extra is that after the success in this building Lely has asked us to also implement our services on their new building which has been delivered in 2022. 

We realised this project in cooperation with Kropman installatietechniek.

Read the blog about how we could save 81% on natural gas in this building and 37% in total.