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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!

Vanbeek Arnhem

Office Building

"We were already making significant savings when we brought the building up to label A. But ecoBuilding gave that an extra boost"- Ron Hendriks, director Vanbeek Ingenieurs

In 2019, Van Beek Ingenieurs fully preserved its office at Utrechtsestraat 59 in Arnhem, a municipal monument built in the late 1800s. This took the office building from energy label E to A. The building is not owned, so the owner was actively involved in the investments and tenant and owner came together in making it more sustainable. ecoBuilding fully automatically controls the boiler, heat pump and heating system here 24 hours ahead. 

 Since January 2023, the system has been linked to the EPEX-NL market. Dynamic energy prices that vary hourly and can even be negative with some regularity. When the energy price is low, ecoBuilding will try to deploy the heat pump as much as possible, always within the comfort requirements of the users. While maintaining comfort, energy that is available is put to good use. A sustainable choice that helps the energy transition because wind or solar energy is often available at times of low power prices. 

Underneath you see the enormous reduction of energy for this project. The first reduction from the year 2019 is due to the renovation and the building becoming a label A building. The second reduction from 2020 is due to the implementation of the smart energy steering of VB Optimum. Relevant is the installation of the heat pump and solar panels during the renovation in 2019. This resulted in a gas reduction and prevented the electricity consumption to rise. After the smart steering was implemented in 2020 we can see an even further reduction of the gas- and electricity consumption.

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