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We have saved 20.063 Tons of CO2 over the past 12 months!

Ordina Office Building

24/7 Optimisation

"The initial motivation was to save energy with VB Optimum. But the insights and simulations give us information on how to make our building more sustainable."

We call this project a true jewel. VB Optimum has been controlling the climate system using the ecoBuilding algorithms here since June '22 via the BRControls building management system. Fully automatically, the system looks 24 hours ahead to see how the installation can be used as economically as possible. Both during the cooling period in summer and during heating, we see huge savings. But savings are achieved in every project. But here, data from ecoBuilding and VB Optimum's knowledge are also used to make the building more sustainable. We call this data-driven sustainability. ecoBuilding knows exactly which water temperatures are needed to heat the building. It understands the building and its accumulation. We convert that data into information that shows the client exactly how the building can be made Paris Proof. How, for example, we can take the steps towards a heat pump as smartly and effectively as possible.

We save (considerable) energy, we help make smart choices for sustainability and the customer is satisfied. Meanwhile, Ordina's second tower has already been fitted with VB Optimize. And we are also going to make two other buildings in the same street more sustainable. A project to be proud of, a jewel.